Innovative Marketing Communication


Innovative Low Budget High Impact Advertisement
Whether you have a big budget or a limited one, you’re wasting your money if your Ads were not effective. Effectiveness in advertise is talking about innovative concept; grab the right one mass attention & awareness, penetrating your advertise content in the right target market mind set, deep touch to the customer emotion and creative enough to persuade them to act. We are creating the Innovative Low Budget High Impact Advertisement, through Innovative Media.

Innovative Campaign & Event Organizer
Hi Caliber Concept, need Hi Caliber professional team to organize and execute it.
Our team is hi caliber iCO (innovative Campaign Organizer) & hi caliber iEO (innovative Event Organizer) to meet your purpose for success Campaign & success Event. We are also considering about Your Purpose for making Campaign & dealing Event. “Your basic reason and your goal for making campaign & event” is our dedication.
We do the best for your Campaign & Event to reach effective and excellent result.
We Do Organize:
·         Launching Product Campaign & Event.
·         Brand Activity Campaign & Event.
·         Extra Ordinary Campaign & Event.
·         Special Purpose Campaign & Event.
·         Social Media Campaign & Event.

Viral Influencer Incubator
Viral Influencer is the best and the most powerful weapon for modern marketing practitioners to create public perception and spread it as fast as a virus on the global market. However, on reality, Viral Influencer application needs the right incubation process. Of course it is also needs to be managed by the right incubator operators. We have found the people who are experts at creating, aggregating, and sharing content that moves online, and measuring influence for marketers. Incubation process is the most important time to be perfectly handled with precision to assure the best result after the Viral Influencer has been release. Best result needs the best incubator. Choose us to be your Viral Influencer Incubator. We are the expert to executing the Viral Influencer.