Creative Design


Logo Design
We make a Strong Logo! A Simple Logo that describe all of your Brand character, make clear your Positioning, focus on your Differentiation. Empowering Your Business and Increasing the Value of Your Brand & Company Image.
Easy to remember, easy to apply anywhere, easy to recognize and to collaborate with Your Business and Company, blend with any marketing campaign you do and finally stand out among the crowd!!!

Corporate Identity
We build Corporate Identity as supporting tools, altogether in a set of guideline to maintain visual continuity and brand recognition in all applications such as name card, letter head, envelope, name tag, company signboard, etc.

Mascot Design
Give your market someone who charismatic to smile at them. Some types of products need a mascot to enhance its attractiveness and social interactivity, then amplified your brand image character. Consisted of many talented illustrators, we present you a mascot you can be proud of and adored by your market.

Company Profile
Your Company need an awesome biographic that can charm your huge clients and business relatives to show how serious & professional you are in these business. We help you to show & presentation all your company and products advantages in attractive Company Profile.

Uniform Design
When customer or somebody need to meet with your front liner, looking for some information or want to buy your products, they face to face with your employee as a personal human being or they face to face with professional that represent your company?  Our Fashion Designer will creating professional uniform that suitable for your employee line up, represent your company and rise up your company image. A professional uniform make your employee proud of their company and love to show off their company brand as a part of their pride and life status.

Packaging Design
Investing in Superior Packaging Design means precious asset for your company and product.  These small infestations can growth up your market size and return as multiple results. Superior Packaging drags peoples to buy your product, creating impulse buying.  May be your competitor can compete your product quality, compete your pricing policy, compete your promo budget. But they can not beat your unique identity of packaging design as well as yours. We create superior Packaging for your product!!!

Product Catalog
Showing all line up product that your company sells, providing your product information and the advantages of your products to your target market. We creating attractive product catalog that will persuade target market to look insight your products, learning your product advantages and then they will passionate to buy your products, even promoting your products to their friends.

Label Design
How to communicating your product information in effective ways? We made label that fulfill all of your product information as a talking design that have effective communicating with your target market.

Icon Design
Simple Specific design that describe all you’re purposed. We developed modern, easy to remember, attractive and simple icon that representative all your description.

Brochure Design
Effective Brochure must attractive and communicating to your target audience. We help you to design effective brochure that even can persuade your target audience.

Booth Design
Impressing Booth design in events and in a crowd place such as plaza, mall or public places need creative design that stand out among the crowd.  We create an awesome booth design that attracted target market visiting your booth, supporting your product promotion, convenience for target customer and increasing your Product and Company image.

Out Door Media Design
Effectiveness in outdoor media is talking about how quick your advertise design can grab the mass attention & mass awareness, clear to see, easy to understand, penetrating your advertise content in the right target market mind set, deep touch to the customer emotion and creative enough to persuade them to act.