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 Marketing Strategic Concept

Marketing Strategic Concept is a Strategy that Works!!!
We build the best Positioning of Your Brand, Product & Company in Customer Mind Set. Create a strong Differentiation to back up your Positioning. Develop a continuous improvement for Your Brand Equity. Also strategy that work for marketing Your Product in the market field!!! We do a great Marketing Strategic Concept for You.

Brand Strategic Concept
Brand is not just a name, a symbol or a slogan.
A name, a symbol, or a logo can not automatically become a brand. Not automatically penetrated in customer mind set.  A name, a symbol, or a logo needs a Brand Strategic Concept and struggle to create perception as a brand image we want to be. We are offering you a Brand Strategic Concept to make your brand to be a truly Brand.

Brand Development
How to develop a Strong Brand Character
Brand Identity is about how you want the costumer to perceive your Brand. The Identity comes from methodology analysis of the Brand’s Character. Combined with excellent touch of design, it will surely enhance your Brand. A strong Brand Identity is a Brand that succeeds bringing out its character. When it happens, it will make a huge difference from your competitor!
·        Brand Creation
To create a strong new brand you must identity your product or company strength, make creative segmentation, choose the right target market, well known your competitors, predict the market trends, then sense an opportunity in the market and stand in the right positioning with strong differentiation.
·        Brand Rejuvenation
When the time run faster and faster, your Brand become to old for your target market, old design, old style, old communication, not even match with the nowadays habit, trend, social culture and behavior. Let’s Rejuvenation your Brand!!! Keep it Young and Up to Date!!!
·        Re-Branding
Market is always changing, so you must chance your strategy and repositioning your Brand in order to complete in the current market and optimize your business.

Campaign & Event Concept
When we talk about Campaign or Event Concept, ordinary just talk about creativity. We are considering about Your Purpose for making Campaign & dealing Event. “Your basic reason and your goal for making campaign & event” is our dedication. We start at collecting information data, analysis it with methodological marketing based, make Strategic Concept that intends to fulfill your goal. And then we combine strong creative ideas to develop the strategic concept become fully Campaign or Event Concept. We will choose right & kicking communication for your target market. Than execute it with outstanding taste of design, mixed with low-budget high impact approach, your Campaign or Event will be highly effective and excellent.
Campaign & Event Concept:
·         Launching Product - Campaign & Event Concept
·         Brand Activity - Campaign & Event Concept
·         Extra Ordinary - Campaign & Event Concept
·         Special Purpose - Campaign & Event Concept
·         Social Media - Campaign & Event Concept

Viral Influencer Concept
Viral Influencer is the best and the most powerful weapon for modern marketing practitioners to create public perception and spread it as fast as a virus on the global market.
We are evolving the art of "the influencer" into a science. For many decades companies have spent big money trying to identify, creating and nurturing word-of-mouth with creative adv program. We are collecting team who are experts at creating, aggregating, and sharing content that moves online, and measuring influence for marketers.
Based on that, It will be excellent if a Company using “Viral Influencer ” into their traditional marketing efforts. And it is working. Imagine, each influencer generates hundreds pieces of content and millions of possible impressions. The cost per thousand impressions is incredibly low compared to other forms of advertising and it is organic since it is being generated by people who already love the brands.